Latitude and Longitude

Posted: June 21, 2012 in misc
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The world continues to shrink day by day. New and improved technologies have made communicating with friends, family and strangers on the other side of the globe as easy as a click of the mouse. Airlines can deposit us in foreign lands within a business day for the most part. And the internet has created business, employment and income opportunities that provide the possibility for pulling up your roots and transplanting yourself practically anywhere that tickles your fancy.

map costa rica

So that’s what I did.  I sold everything I owned of any reasonable value (not much) and made my way to Costa Rica. I wish I could claim it was an exciting and dangerous journey, trekking through the rain forest and  crossing raging rivers while dodging crocodiles and jaguars. But honestly, it’s a three hour flight from Miami to Juan Santamaria International Airport, and the relatively modern infrastructure of the capital city, San Jose.

My income originates primarily from several internet based ventures. It’s fantastic to not have a physical storefront, leases, or a warehouse full of depreciating inventory! Whenever I am not in front of the computer at home, I can manage my business via all the normal email, skype and other related applications from my android phone. The freedom from commuting to and from an office everyday cannot be overstated.

My wife and her family, originally from Colombia, have lived in Costa Rica for over ten years. So I was comforted by the fact that by living here we would have a support network for her and the children, as opposed to in the United States where my family is fairly large in number, but spread out over a variety of states.

I maintain a legal residence in the States and file my taxes every year.  And we may chose to live there permanently some day.  But for now, we are an immigration officer’s worst nightmare: American father, Colombian mother and children born in Costa Rica.

The world continues to shrink, day by day.


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