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A little over twenty years ago I hated running.  I was in the military and running six days a week.  The only exceptions or days off from running were due to other extreme physical activities, travel or training that spilled over into the normally scheduled physical training.

Roughly 6 months ago when I got the bug to try and run again I never imagined how absorbed I would become in the entire culture.  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands since I work from home.  But I spend a lot of time reading other runner’s blogs, training and competition websites, as well as rereading chapters of a half dozen or so books on the subject I purchased for the Kindle.

The past five weeks have been fairly brutal, rehabbing a couple of injuries that left me sidelined right after I had found a nice training groove, knocking out both a 5k and all but the final week of a 10k training plan.  I guess it’s another example of the adage, ‘you don’t know what you had until it’s gone.’

Although I haven’t come close to running a marathon or approaching its training demands, I still found this video pretty amusing and can definitely relate to surprise non-runners often display when asking about what we do.

Two weeks ago I managed three treadmill sessions of alternating 5 minutes walking with 5 minutes running for a total of 30 minutes.  Last week I extended that into three test runs of 5 minutes walking/10 minutes running x 2, and this week I’ve managed to two sessions of uninterrupted 20 minute runs.  So maybe there is some light at the end of tunnel.  Let’s just hope it isn’t a train headed in my direction.


This week I made my first attempts at running again after about 5 weeks of battling a strained Achilles tendon and receiving the news that I also have bone spurs in the same foot as the Achilles injury.  I rehabbed mostly via the stationary bike, a few brief pool running sessions and a series of corticosteroid injections.

You can read a detailed breakdown of daily training here.


Finally off of the bike and back on the run

This schedule is well organized and has a great breakdown of events, easily searchable by event category, gender and day.  It also indicates on which days medals will be awarded for each event.

What events interest you the most?  Who are you hoping to see compete and win the gold?

2012 London Olympic Games schedule

2012 London Olympic Games schedule

Over at Fit for a Year, John recently posted about the use of models in running related advertisements.  Many times the models are dramatically in the midst of demonstrating atrocious form and technique, all the while smiling from ear to ear, oblivious to the mixed message being sent to the general public.

I try not to get bent out of shape by the lack of attention to detail, the lack of any sense of responsibility on behalf of the advertisers or publishers when I see examples of this type of laziness in honesty, as I’ll politely call it.  But I wonder if everyone would be so accepting of these errors if, for example, three out of every five math textbooks explained that two plus two equals four, yet graphically displayed this lesson as 2+2 =5.

With this subject in mind a perfect case in point made itself present today as I was on my facebook page.  A local physiotherapist who offers services designed to “strengthen muscles through functional movements and correct common errors in technique and form that contribute to over 70% of runners becoming injured per year,” offered this photo in closing.

Heel striking runner

Beautiful picture. Horrible heel striking.

Now, unless the physiotherapist was being ironic, for once, and intentionally displaying heel striking as an issue that needs to be addressed, what we have here is a perfect case of Do as I say, Not as I Do.

Too bad this advertisement wasn’t accompanied by a soundtrack.  Maybe we could have listened to the crunch, snap and crack of bone, cartilage and tendons as the model repeatedly generates monstrous impact forces by heel striking on a practically straight leg with her foot landing well ahead of her knee and center of gravity.

This topic may very well warrant the creation of a weekly photo submission.  It could be entertaining at the very least.


Weekly Training Summary

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I’ve posted my weekly training summary for 7/16 – 7/22 over at 10N84W

Let me know how your training is going.  What are your goals, strengths and sticking points?

training food

Staying well fueled and fed for training