The kids are on vacation from school for a couple of weeks, and as of 7am local time they are still blissfully sleeping on the floor of my room in their makeshift cambuche (think of a lean to or tent) constructed of pillows, blankets and old stuffed animals.

My wife still needs to head out to the office however, so at my regularly scheduled 5am I found myself in the kitchen pouring coffee, frying bacon, and folding a mushroom and  cheese omelet.

With only 1 breakfast and lunch to prepare there was plenty of time to get an early start on random video surfing.

Two quick highlights include Jeff Grant of Hillseeker Fitness discussing efficient running and proper landing position, from his beautiful backdrop in Switzerland.  Grant discusses the proper foot strike as described by Dr. Romanov and his POSE Method of running, as well as demonstrating several good drills for improving balance, heel pull and perception.

I also took a quick video tour of the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon course via this video.

January 27, 2013 is far enough away that even I should be ready to give this a try!

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