Running is Fun

Posted: July 31, 2012 in injury, lifestyle, running
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A little over twenty years ago I hated running.  I was in the military and running six days a week.  The only exceptions or days off from running were due to other extreme physical activities, travel or training that spilled over into the normally scheduled physical training.

Roughly 6 months ago when I got the bug to try and run again I never imagined how absorbed I would become in the entire culture.  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands since I work from home.  But I spend a lot of time reading other runner’s blogs, training and competition websites, as well as rereading chapters of a half dozen or so books on the subject I purchased for the Kindle.

The past five weeks have been fairly brutal, rehabbing a couple of injuries that left me sidelined right after I had found a nice training groove, knocking out both a 5k and all but the final week of a 10k training plan.  I guess it’s another example of the adage, ‘you don’t know what you had until it’s gone.’

Although I haven’t come close to running a marathon or approaching its training demands, I still found this video pretty amusing and can definitely relate to surprise non-runners often display when asking about what we do.

Two weeks ago I managed three treadmill sessions of alternating 5 minutes walking with 5 minutes running for a total of 30 minutes.  Last week I extended that into three test runs of 5 minutes walking/10 minutes running x 2, and this week I’ve managed to two sessions of uninterrupted 20 minute runs.  So maybe there is some light at the end of tunnel.  Let’s just hope it isn’t a train headed in my direction.


  1. Bill Dowis says:

    I hated running with a passion when I was younger… When I finally got started running I did a run walk program that eased me into it and now I love it with a passion. Running is a passion and just like in the video I think about it all the time. Every second.

    I love this video because it is exactly the kind of reaction I get from people when I talk about running. People just think I am crazy.

  2. 10n84w says:

    I understand completely. Honestly, outside of this blog I’ve pretty much stopped talking about running, unless it happens to be with someone else who is preparing for a race or discussing shoes, form, etc. In other words, someone already within the ‘running universe.’

    I don’t like feeling as if I am giving ‘testimonial.’ These days, unless I’m asked a specific question, I usually keep it to myself.

  3. dcexplores says:

    Well if either of you guys have any suggestions for me i’d really appreciate it!

    • 10n84w says:

      Is there something specific you have a question about? I’m certainly no expert, but I’ll help however I can.

      Are you running for general fitness or do you have a specific running goal, i.e a distance or timed race?

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