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French Foreign Legion

Not lacking for physical activity

The French Foreign Legion has a saying, “march or die.”  And while you may die on the battlefield, or maybe even during training, you certainly will never passively wilt away by growing fat and sick via inactivity.

According to The Lancet, a weekly peer reviewed medical journal, as many as 5 million deaths per year may be attributed to a lack of physical activity.  People, that is the same number of deaths annually as caused by smoking. Researchers estimate that 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, is sufficient to prevent the deaths.

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Triathlete Leah Prudhomme was bitten 25 times by an otter while swimming in a lake near Duluth, Minnesota.

As reported by Fox Sports North

Eventually, the animal – which can range in size from 36 to 60 inches — popped up out of the water, and Prudhomme recognized it as an otter. She tried to kick water at it and swim backward, but she was unable to escape. Her wetsuit was being torn to shreds, and the bites kept coming. In the meantime, Huseth swam to shore, where Prudhomme’s father and children could hear her screaming. Her father, who was beginning to panic, got in his boat and eventually brought Prudhomme to shore.

Otter bites triathlete 25 times

Photo credit: Leah Prudhomme via

CIA Spy Machine

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Today I am sure that I scared a few of the families that were playing in the local park.  I was on the way home after spending way too much money at the grocery store when I stumbled upon this alarming warning.

Full story here.

Vandals deface lamp post with paranoid dribble

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll be more careful on the phone.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, missed the hype, or haven’t heard about CrossFit before, the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games are drawing to a close today, with the individual event finals scheduled to begin at 2PM EST.

Defending games champion Rich Froning is currently in the lead by 88 points.

You can watch a live stream of the action here, as well as view and download video archives of all of the weekend’s events, including the Master’s division.

Here is the complete schedule of events for Sunday’s finale.

Are You a Runner

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Or Are You Someone Who Runs

I hate questions like this.  Our lives are categorized enough without also having to tick off the boxes in a checklist that some unknown people have compiled in order to determine if we truly are worthy of the title: runner.  Having said that, I do often think about my goals in regards to physical training, and I have to admit that running, while an important aspect of my plan, is not the pinnacle, be all and end all of my aspirations.  Does that mean I’m not a runner? Hardly.

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