Running is cheaper than therapy


Today was supposed to be a cross training day. I knocked out a 30 minute stationary bike ride and 200 pushups in the early morning with my wife. But by mid afternoon I was furious after getting sucked into a pointless political “discussion” with someone, and also getting a sharp smack in the face on a bad trading decision in the currency market.

Headed back out in search of my best friend, the treadmill, and decided to try out some Jeff Galloway style run/walk intervals. Today was an extra and unscheduled run so I wasn’t interested in pace and I ran the entire session at my recovery pace.

Started with 5/1 minute intervals until my heart rate would not drop below 130 on the 1 minute recovery. Then switched to 5/2, and when the heart rate would not recover from those I finished off the day with a few 3/2 intervals.

Mentally I feel much better after getting that bad energy out of my system. But I can also feel a dull throbbing deep in my heel where the bone spurs are lurking.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. I promise.

2.77 miles in 43 minutes @ 15:30 pace

2.77 miles of mental detox

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