I had an ultrasound performed on my ankles and feet this week.  The results were normal in all aspects and I was given the clear to run, as long as I used any discomfort as an immediate warning sign to stop and take at least the next day off.

I really took some time during my rehab to examine my training plan and realized that as far as running was concerned it didn’t consist of anything more than following a popular half marathon program by a respected coach.  The cookie cutter approach just wasn’t going to cut it and I looked high and low for a few additional resources that resonated with my outlook, personality and fitness level.

Paleo diet satire

The simplest things can sometimes make a world of difference.  One of the resources I discovered was Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running, and he has a few links to a variety of pre and post run routines that emphasize dynamic mobility and core strength.  Two routines that are helping me tremendously are the Standard Warm Up and the Cannonball.  Performing these routines has significantly decreased post run soreness and stiffness, and also prepare me much better for a workout than my previous grab bag of leg swings and knee bends.

4.79 miles in 1 hour

Tonight’s run was supposed to be a test to see how my legs would respond to running on consecutive days instead of after the normal one day of rest between runs.  I expected things to be over fairly quickly because I was very flat at the start, a combination of yesterday’s run and recovering from the Mother’s Day party we hosted last night that included entirely way too much red wine.

Instead, after about the first mile I discovered that my intervals were getting longer and I was not tiring, not muscularly nor aerobically.  What a pleasant surprise!  I continued to run until I had no water left to quench my thirst and called it a night.

While I am very happy with this week’s progress I know better than to push my luck too far or too fast.  Tomorrow will be an active recovery day with maybe a 30 minute stationary bike ride and the same amount of time for some free play in the pool.  Saturday is a strength training day: dead lifts and military press.  I’ll wrap up the week on Sunday with a fairly easy 30 to 40 minute run.

Nice to report good news for a change.


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