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Posted: August 26, 2012 in events, lifestyle, running
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Sometimes it just isn’t about you

A detailed training log for the week is here.

I started this blog several months ago when I made the decision to commit to running.  I felt that keeping a public journal of sorts would not only be a great tool to hold me accountable to my training but also serve as a source of motivation towards my goals.

During this time I’ve purchased a few pairs of running shoes, hi tech shorts and shirts, and even booked my flight and hotel reservations for my first half marathon.  I’ve lamented, moaned and even bitched about my Achilles tendon and bone spurs.

In fact, it’s all been about me.  That isn’t a bad thing necessarily.  After all, I am the one writing a blog about the running experience from my perspective: training, diet, injury, etc.  But you run the risk of blinding yourself to other events when you become too self-absorbed.

Last week my daughter came home from school and told me she had won a race in her physical education class.  Two days later she came home and told me she placed second in another event, and then handed me a piece of folded paper.  Inside was an official invitation from her school to participate in the annual track and field event: the 75 meter sprint.

My daughter has never expressed an interest in sports, other than the usual awe and admiration shown while witnessing the Olympic gymnastics events.  She has never asked me about my running.  She has never tagged along for a jog or laced up her shoes and walked out the door with me.  But apparently she has been paying close attention.

My wife, son, and I drove Sara to her school yesterday morning for the races.  The events were divided by grade and sex, and after about 1.5 hours we were ready.  I was photographing the race, documenting something that I was surprised to see in the first place, and having no idea if it will be repeated in the future: my daughter toeing the line in a competitive sporting event.

From the first step it was clear she had only one serious challenger.  The two streaked down the track literally neck and neck, and even with the photos taken on a high fps digital camera I’m not sure how the judges decided on a winner.  Eventually my daughter was awarded 2nd place.  She glowed from the adrenalin, and later pouted because her medal wasn’t as large as the winner’s.

Yesterday, before my eyes, my daughter became a competitor in running, the sport I’ve made so much to do about over these past months without ever having toed the line myself in all of my fancy new gear and technology..  My daughter laced up her well worn and used sneakers, donned her school’s phys ed uniform and gave it all she had.

I love you baby, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Congratulations on your success, determination and spirit.





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