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Every once in a while during your training it’s recommended that you back off of the mileage and or intensity in order for your body to adapt to the recent stresses and recover properly before pushing it to new limits again.  Somewhat more by necessity than by design, I am taking this week to do that.

Two weeks ago I doubled my longest run ever and in a single run hit my long term goal of 13.1 miles.  There were a few walk breaks mixed in here and there, but mentally I was so relieved to get that distance out of the way.  Instead of thinking ahead, planning and being smart, which would have required me to reduce the mileage the following week so as not to blow myself up, I replaced the mileage with several days of interval training.

In retrospect, I believe it would have been ok if my intervals were limited to mile repeats and 800s, but the 400s were a bad idea.  My technique, experience and fitness level right now don’t call for 400s, and the increased impact from those almost out of control sprints really took its toll on my body. While nothing felt injured, my shins and knees were definitely a bit tender and I took two consecutive days off to make sure everything was working properly.

Yesterday was my first run of the week, an easy pace for 4 miles, to shake out any cobwebs and get back into the swing of things.  During the first mile I could feel a strange, dull ache on the outside of my left foot’s arch. Nothing debilitating mind you, but a new and unwelcome visitor to the house of pain.  All day yesterday after the run, while walking around the house and grocery store the pain remained.  My foot is not sensitive to the touch. I can rub and squeeze it, as well as stretch my foot and calf without duplicating the sensation. But the act of walking or running immediately brings it back.

So strange and untimely.

Thursday I am going to run an easy 5k.  If I add any surges or not will completely depend on my foot.

Saturday is the ECORUN 10k which I am running with my wife.  That may turn into a survival course instead of a fitness test.

For one reason or another this week’s training  is significantly reduced in mileage and effort.  Let’s see how it plays out.



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Running is cheaper than therapy


Today was supposed to be a cross training day. I knocked out a 30 minute stationary bike ride and 200 pushups in the early morning with my wife. But by mid afternoon I was furious after getting sucked into a pointless political “discussion” with someone, and also getting a sharp smack in the face on a bad trading decision in the currency market.

Headed back out in search of my best friend, the treadmill, and decided to try out some Jeff Galloway style run/walk intervals. Today was an extra and unscheduled run so I wasn’t interested in pace and I ran the entire session at my recovery pace.

Started with 5/1 minute intervals until my heart rate would not drop below 130 on the 1 minute recovery. Then switched to 5/2, and when the heart rate would not recover from those I finished off the day with a few 3/2 intervals.

Mentally I feel much better after getting that bad energy out of my system. But I can also feel a dull throbbing deep in my heel where the bone spurs are lurking.

Tomorrow will be a rest day. I promise.

2.77 miles in 43 minutes @ 15:30 pace

2.77 miles of mental detox