Detailed training log for the week is here.

Below is a collection of bits and pieces from around the web that may help your running efforts.

I follow a primal/paleo nutrition structure, so I’m a meat lover.  But I never let that get in the way of taking good information from a great resource.  50 Lessons Learned from 50 Days of Running by Matt Frazier over at is full of humorous and instructive insights.  One of my favorites:

16. You can get by with three pairs of running shorts if you do laundry once a week, by washing them in shower with you after your run. After one shower wash, though, the funk becomes impervious to anything but the heavy artillery.

Joe Friel has a great post regarding mental toughness.  He cites an article from the Harvard Business Review that summarizes the results of interviews with Olympic medalists. Common characteristics of the mentally tough:

  • have the ability to psychologically manage pressure
  • pay meticulous attention to goals
  • have a strong inner drive to stay ahead of the competition
  • be internally rather than externally focused
  • be self-directed
  • concentrate on excellence
  • not be distracted by others
  • shrug off their own failures
  • be masters of compartmentalization in their lives
  • rebound from defeat easily
  • never self-flagellate
  • have a relentless focus on the long term attainment of goals
  • carefully plan short-term goals
  • never stop striving for success
  • reinvent themselves following a success
  • celebrate their wins
  • analyze the reasons for their success
  • be very confident of their abilities

Many beginning runners receive the advice to focus on gradually increasing the distance of their long, slow run each week, with little to no focus on improving speed or tempo.  Brian Martin, running coach, competitor and author challenges this conventional wisdom in a recent post over at

The key for beginners is to not max out on lots of long, very slow running training. Remember working on your strength, coordination and technique is just as important as building fitness. If you’re worried you can’t do enough volume to stay fit and not get injured, then cross training in the pool, on a bike or rowing machine is a great supplement.


I hope all of you had a great training week and look forward to hearing about your links, websites and resources for improving your running, fitness and life!




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